25/10/2012: ECJ rules in Belgian (withholding) taxation case of income from capital and immovable property C‑387/11 --- 18/10/2012: ECJ rules in a case regarding the definition of the term 'liquidation' in the Merger Directive C-371/11 --- 18/10/2012: ECJ rules in Dutch wage tax withheld at source on remuneration paid to foreign (EU)service providers C-498/10 --- 06/09/2012: ECJ rules in UK (group relief) loss compensation case C-18/11 in favour of taxpayer: Philips Electronics UK Ltd. --- 06/09/2012: ECJ rules in Portugese exit tax case C-38/10: Commmission v Portugal --- 06/09/2012: ECJ rules in Luxembourg conditional reduction on capital tax case C-380/11: DI. VI. Finanziaria di Diego della Valle & C. SapA --- 19/07/2012: Advocate General JÄÄSKINEN issued an opinion in the UK equal treatment of domestic-sourced dividends and foreign-sourced dividends case C-35/11: Test Claimants in the FII Group Litigation --- 19/07/2012: ECJ rules in German inheritance tax (inheritance of shareholding) case C-31/11: Marianne Scheunemann --- 12/07/2012: ECJ rules in Spanish transfer of residence (of a natural person) case C-269/09: Commission v Spain --- 12/07/2012: ECJ rules in Hungarian cross border conversion of a company case C-378/10: VALE Építési kft --- 10/07/2012: Advocate General JÄÄSKINEN issued an opinion in the Italian interpretation of Directive 90/434/EEC (Merger Directive) regarding deferral of capital gains in an asset transfer case C-207/11: 3D I Srl --- 05/07/2012: ECJ rules in Belgium deduction of expences case C-318/10: SIAT --- --- --- ---
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